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Your security system should be reliable in providing your peace of mind, the same goes for your supplier. Kirin CCTV offers a complete range of products from world’s leading brands as well as trusted services. This sets us apart from other CCTV companies in Singapore. Browse our page for security solutions and get our reliable services today.  

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Kirin CCTV Singapore

Trusted by many homes and businesses alike, Kirin CCTV is among the most reliable CCTV companies in Singapore. We provide professional CCTV camera installation services for homes and offices. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, we offer the best prices for CCTV camera solutions in Singapore.

We understand how crucial it is to ensure security within the premises of our homes and businesses. After all, our properties are assets we want to safeguard while keeping our loved ones protected. Thus, we are passionate about providing effective security solutions as a CCTV supplier. Being a professional security system service provider, we work to ensure that all our customers receive the best value and quality from Kirin CCTV.

Drop by for a visit! We are conveniently located at Sim Lim Square, #02-75.

If you are new to CCTV solutions in Singapore, feel free to contact us to enquire on our prices, products and installation services that you need.

We’ll be happy to clarify and meet your requirements.

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According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, security is among the basic primary needs humans seek before attempting to meet any higher-level needs. Thus, we always strive to tighten the security within the areas where we thrive, like our homes and workplaces. We also prefer to visit places such as malls, theme parks, and fitness centres where we feel safe and secure from any unforeseen threats. This is the reason why increasingly more property owners are seeking the help of CCTV companies in Singapore to provide security cameras for their premises.

Here at Kirin CCTV, it is our top priority to provide innovative, effective, and affordable CCTV solutions for our clients in Singapore. We endeavour to keep your peace of mind when it comes to securing your facilities. You may reach us at (65) 97312457.

Customer Reviews

Latest Testimonials

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Thank you YB, your staff who came over to install is very helpful and friendly, I'm very satisfied with @kirincctv, their product Hikvision is so easy to use and the quality of the video is super clear, highly recommended! 👍👍👍, 5 stars rating!
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Very professional and knowledgeable tech team, more than 7 months after purchasing from them. Just a message in the WhatsApp group and they replied almost instantly and solved the issue for me highly recommended!
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I agree with all the reviews here. Seller is very reliable and efficient. Installation went so well and made sure everything is working perfectly. For parents out there looking for a CCTV to watch over your kids, look no further! Here’s the answer! I have more peace of mind now. Thank you for such a great service.
Common FAQs

CCTV Installation In Singapore

A closed-circuit television system, which is commonly known as CCTV, employs video cameras to track both the indoor and outdoor premises of a house, a building, or an establishment with the signal being sent to a monitor or group of monitors.

Nowadays, many people are shifting to CCTV solutions and seeking the help of CCTV companies in Singapore for CCTV installation in homes, workplaces, businesses, commercial spaces, and even public places. 

As CCTV is proven to be a beneficial and convenient way to keep one’s property safe from possible theft, the surge of demand for CCTV installation has been high for the past few years.

Want to understand more about our CCTV installation service in Singapore? Send us an enquiry on our Contact Page!

If this is your first time having a CCTV installation at home, you will probably wonder what a CCTV package offers.

At Kirin CCTV Singapore, we offer various affordable packages for every CCTV requirement from our clients. We have 4 CCTV camera installations that come with a processor. The footage can be conveniently accessed through your mobile phones. This way, you will find it easier to watch over your property even when you are away.

We also have other CCTV packages which you can consider should you require more than the standard security solution.

At first thought, we might mistakenly assume that CCTV installation will only have a single benefit for us and that is, it can tighten our security. However, it is important to note that there are more to CCTV solutions than you’d imagine. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Anti-Theft

This is the most obvious and well-known advantage for those who want a CCTV installation in their house or business. CCTV cameras are an outstanding deterrent for thieves in addition to being able to oversee the premises at any given time.

  • Peace of Mind

A CCTV installation provides people with a greater sense of protection and reassurance, particularly in high-crime areas. Many of the more advanced versions are portable, which means they can be accessed and tracked using a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to sign in and monitor your premises with the click of a button, ensuring that your home and business security is within control.

  • Improve Property Value

Aside from reducing your property insurance cost due to additional security measures, you are also making your property worth more with CCTV installation. If you are planning to put your property on sale in the future, it is wise to invest in CCTV solutions to improve your selling point.

Aside from the benefits of a CCTV installation in Singapore, here at Kirin CCTV, we provide added value that make your purchase more convenient and worth it. With great confidence in the quality of our security cameras we have at Kirin CCTV, we offer affordable packages with a 1-year warranty for our clients. This is a generous warranty duration among CCTV companies in Singapore, proof of our commitment to delivering only the best CCTV solutions for your home, office, shops, and establishments in Singapore today and in the future.

Tightening your home and business’ security often requires a sum of money which usually deter you from having one.  With that in mind and the importance of CCTV solutions, we aim to provide affordable security systems at a reasonable price for all to install so you will feel safe in your personal spaces and workplaces.

Check out our CCTV Promotion Packages at the best value and quality.

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CCTV Installation Portfolio

CCTV Companies in Singapore place a high value on trust. Earning and maintaining the trust of our customers is the key to our success in the industry. CCTV solutions aim to provide property owners with a sense of security and comfort not only when they leave the space, but also when they are present; hence we believe that gaining the trust of our customers is a good investment.

At Kirin CCTV, our team strives to provide a sense of security to all our clients through the installation of quality security systems.

In every transaction, our clients look for dependable and long-lasting security systems. Therefore, we provide exactly what they need to secure their spaces and fulfil their needs. Here are some photos from previous transactions and installation projects across the country. Browse through our completed projects and get your own security system from Kirin CCTV today.

Top Selling Products

New to CCTV solutions in Singapore? With the many various security systems available amongst the CCTV companies in Singapore, you might face a challenge finding something that suits your needs. From here, we can give you a hand in making an informed decision.

Here, features a list of the top-selling products we have at Kirin CCTV. From security cameras to door access systems, you will find popular items most bought in Singapore. This section aims to help you make the right choice when it comes to the type of CCTV solution you wish to install at home and in your workplace. Browse this section below for more products:

Vstarcam WiFi IP Camera

Great IP camera for monitoring pets, babies and elderly at home!

Hikvision CCTV

Widely used for far ranges in HD, such as roads, airports & different venues!

Door Access System

Ideal for indoor offices and homes, easy to install and position!

CCTV Promotions from Kirin!

Tightening your home and business’ security often requires a sum of money which usually deter you from having one.  With that in mind and the importance of CCTV solutions, we aim to provide affordable security systems at a reasonable price for all to install and feel safe in your personal spaces and workplaces. Thus, we create solutions in the form of CCTV promotion packages!

Throw your worries out of the window with these exclusive CCTV promotion packages from Kirin CCTV Singapore! We offer the best and most affordable deals for security cameras among CCTV companies in Singapore. With our CCTV packages that come with discounted prices and generous warranties, you can make your property secured today!

4-Camera Security System

Currently promoting our CCTV System Package with 4 cameras. Comes with Installation & 1-year warranty!