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Where To Buy CCTV Camera System for Office

  • 3 min read

Did you know the average sum stolen from commercial premises is around $2,700? Besides monetary losses, your business suffers from damaged reputation due to lack of security. As such, it is only sensible to get some form of security system to guard your business closely. 

With advanced CCTV technology these days, you have plenty of security system options to choose from. Whether you are looking for plug-and-play type or all-in-one solution, you should always consult reliable CCTV companies in Singapore to advise you on the best systems for your needs.

Where We Are Located: Sim Lim Square

Kirin CCTV is one of the most reliable suppliers and installers in the market with over 8 years experience and customers served. If you’re looking to install a security system for your office, hit us up via WhatsApp or find our retail shop conveniently located at Sim Lim Square #02-75. 

Here Are Top 5 Reasons For Choosing Us:

  • Genuine Dahua and Hikvision products
  • All of our CCTV Security System products come with a minimum of 1 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sound advice to install security system for your home, office or industrial locations
  • Affordable CCTV solutions for different needs
  • Responsive to customers and their enquiries


Benefits of CCTV Camera System For Your Office:

  • Crime prevention
  • Improving the security of your office premises
  • Greater peace of mind knowing you are better secured
  • Monitor office and staff activity to ensure best workplace practices
  • Check up on stores or offices at anytime and anywhere
  • To address specific issues of harassment by bad office neighbours
  • Keep a lookout for young children if any

Where To Install Your CCTV Camera

If you are considering installing security cameras around your office, make sure to pick the right spots for set up. Here are main factors highlighted to guide your installation:

Position CCTV Cameras Strategically

Get clear footage in areas of high accident risk so that you will be able to easily identify the person(s) involved in any incident. For wider area coverage, be sure to install cameras where you can capture wider angles.

Secure Your Reception & Transaction Areas

Receptions and Cashiers are often located at your office entrance or store front. It is most logical to install CCTV to monitor people who enter and exit your premises. It will also be easier to identify the person(s) accountable for responsibility when accidents happen.

Safety In The Office Working Area

Pick a corner that can overlook most of your office work space. Be sure that it is not intrusive or violates anyone’s privacy. Having a CCTV security system in your office can encourage your staff to be on their best behaviour. 

Keep An Eye Out In The Pantry Area

It is good to encourage your staff to use a break-time when they need to refresh themselves at work. Nevertheless you can prevent undesired behaviours like staff pilferage and spending too much time at the pantry area. 

Guard Your Valuables Closely

As a business owner, you and your team are responsible for keeping equipment, tools, retail stocks and private documents safe and confidential. Be sure to guard your valuables closely even if it means installing multiple cameras in this area. It will be more costly to your business if things go missing without head or tail.


Always pick a reliable CCTV security system provider and you will not go wrong in safeguarding your work premises! At Kirin CCTV, our promise to customers is simply proper advice, reliable CCTV supplier and installation to home and business owners. 

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