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Home CCTV and Installation Services in Singapore

Wondering what the process of our installation services is like? Here are some answers to FAQs that may clarify your concerns.

A closed-circuit television system, which is commonly known as CCTV, employs video cameras to track both the indoor and outdoor premises of a house, a building, or an establishment with the signal being sent to a monitor or group of monitors. Nowadays, many people are shifting to CCTV solutions and seeking the help of CCTV companies in Singapore for CCTV installation in homes, workplaces, businesses, commercial spaces, and even public places. As CCTV is proven to be a beneficial and convenient way to keep one’s property safe from possible theft, the surge of demand for CCTV installation has been high for the past few years.

If this is your first time having a CCTV installation at home, you will probably wonder what a CCTV package offers. At Kirin CCTV Singapore, we offer various affordable packages for every CCTV requirement from our clients. We have 4 CCTV camera installations that come with a processor. The footage can be conveniently accessed through your mobile phones. This way, you will find it easier to watch over your property even when you are away. We also have other CCTV packages which you can consider should you require more than the standard security solution.

At first thought, we might mistakenly assume that CCTV installation will only have a single benefit for us and that is, it can tighten our security. However, it is important to note that there are more to CCTV solutions than you would imagine. Here are some of its advantages:

● Anti-Theft
This is the most obvious and well-known advantage for those who want a CCTV installation in their house or business. CCTV cameras are an outstanding deterrent for thieves in addition to being able to oversee the premises at any given time.

● Peace of Mind
A CCTV installation provides people with a greater sense of protection and reassurance, particularly in high-crime areas. Many of the more advanced versions are portable, which means they can be accessed and tracked using a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to sign in and monitor your premises with the click of a button, ensuring that your home and business security is within control.

● Improve Property Value
Aside from reducing your property insurance cost due to additional security measures, you are also making your property worth more with CCTV installation. If you are planning to put your property on sale in the future, it is wise to invest in CCTV solutions to improve your selling point.

Aside from the benefits of a CCTV installation in Singapore, here at Kirin CCTV, we provide added value that makes your purchase more convenient and worth it. With great confidence in the quality of our security cameras we have at Kirin CCTV, we offer affordable packages with a 1-year warranty for our clients. This is a generous warranty duration among CCTV companies in Singapore, proof of our commitment to delivering only the best CCTV solutions for your home, office, shops, and establishments in Singapore today and in the future.

Want to understand more about our CCTV installation service in Singapore? Visit our contact page and send us an enquiry now!

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CCTV Installation Made Easy For You

Keeping an eye on your home doesn’t need to be stressful. Let us handle all your surveillance installation needs. Access your CCTV footage conveniently using your smart phone anytime, anywhere.

Protect your loved ones at your discretion.

Our Security Solutions

At Kirin CCTV, we fully understand that each home owner is unique and has varying security and surveillance needs. WhatsApp us to discuss your requirements and we’ll offer the best value CCTV installation package in Singapore.

Hikvision CCTV Singapore

Our CCTV Camera are by highly reliable manufacturers with years of proven quality. Brands we carry include Hikvision, Vstarcam, Dahua.

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You don’t have to physically man your home or office work space. With Wifi IP Camera, you can remotely monitor with your phone.

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Security is important to keep strangers at bay. IP PoE CCTV Camera is highly reliable and visually clear to keep your parameters safe.

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Door Access / Video Intercom is popular for households & offices. Verify a person’s identity before letting them in.