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Top 7 Things To Note When Buying CCTV

  • 4 min read


When shopping for a security system for your home or business, there are varying features and types of CCTV security cameras to choose from that may be overwhelming. In order to select the best CCTV camera for your specific needs, here are the top 7 things to note before making your purchase.

  1. Is it easy to install and set up?

By and large, wireless CCTV cameras are the easiest to install and set up as there are fewer cables involved. How easy your CCTV installation is will depend on how you want to position and mount on either the wall or the ceiling. A good alternative would be IP Security Cameras which provide high resolution video quality and remote viewing over your smart device.

  1. Is it for indoor or outdoor usage?

Indoor cameras are most popular with homes and offices. These are compact in size and are usually in dome shape design.

Outdoor cameras are often used in spaces that cover larger spaces such as markets, airports, public spaces, hospitals and school campuses. PTZ Cameras are a good option as they have optical zoom and varifocal functions.

  1. Are you looking for wired or wireless cameras?

Wired CCTV cameras are definitely more stable and reliable than wireless ones as they are hard connected through wires. Wireless CCTV cameras may lag or stop recording footage if your Wi-Fi connection drops. Nevertheless, they are mobile and easy to install.

  1. What is the maximum range of the CCTV camera?

If you are getting outdoor CCTV cameras, be sure to choose a higher range coverage of at least 20 meters. The greater your range coverage, the clearer your camera can capture images at further distances. Ask about the focal length and size of your camera lens and check that it reaches the maximum distance you need to secure.

  1. Does it have a motion and audio sensor?

As a home or business owner, it is always best to get CCTV cameras with motion and audio sensors. You will be alerted via notifications on your  mobile app when unusual movements or sounds are detected on camera. For greater security to best protect your premises, this is money well spent.

  1. What is the memory capacity of your video recorder?

Many CCTV cameras now come with a micro SD card slot in them. Users can insert memory cards of various capacities, 32GB, 64GB, or 128GB for recording. 

If the CCTV of your choice does not come with internal storage, you will have to depend on the surveillance hard disk in the DVR.

We highly recommend CCTV cameras that produce videos in 720p (1MP) and 1080p resolution. Video cameras with in-built storage are easily filled over a day and usually have an overwrite feature to free up memory space to continue recording. Before choosing your CCTV camera, consider its image resolution, storage space and backup time.

  1. Does your CCTV system come with warranty?

A good quality CCTV camera usually comes with a one year warranty from proper CCTV companies in Singapore.  More robust commercial security systems may have a warranty for up to 3 or more years.

Bonus Questions: 

  1. What comes with your CCTV camera set?

Check for the accessories and peripherals that come with your CCTV camera set. This includes installation gear like mounting stand, screws, cables and power adaptor. Some budget CCTV cameras do not come with power adapters or cables so factor that into your expenses.

  1. Is your CCTV camera able to record at night?

Infra-red or IR LEDs are small bulbs that provide light at night for night vision. You will find them located on the sides of the lens at the center. The greater the number of LEDs, the better your quality of video recordings at night.


Working from home (WFH) has become the new norm. Whether you need to watch over the safety of young children and elderly at home, or keep an eye out in your office workspace, or even secure the premises of a public location, be sure to look for reliable CCTV companies in Singapore. Kirin CCTV is certified as a CCTV dealer to offer and install security systems. Before making your purchase online, feel free to make an enquiry via our WhatsApp or drop by our retail shop at Sim Lim Square.